Vanuatu Passport Application & Requirement

Requirement of Vanuatu Passport or Vanuatu Citizenship

Citizen of another country can acquire Vanuatu Passport as their second passport to enjoy the privilege of the Vanuatu citizen.

The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program allows the Vanuatu passport holders to benefit from the citizen privilege as well as life insurance and defer taxes on pensions. Vanuatu Passport holder will have the rights to remain in the country with no restriction.

Vanuatu passport holder or citizen are also entitled with higher freedom, more personal privacy and security in terms of lifestyle and wealth.

What’s so good about having a Vanuatu Passport? Vanuatu offers you a stable and peaceful environment consist of deserted beaches, rugged landscapes and ancient culture, which serves your high-quality lifestyle or even your retirement life.

Not to forget the incredible global freedom benefits offered by the Vanuatu passport and the Vanuatu citizenship, one of the most affordable passport!

How long for passport process?

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program is the most frequently seen Vanuatu immigration route which provide Vanuatu Citizenship with a ten years renewable Vanuatu passport. Vanuatu passport is known as the world’s fastest second passport and cheapest second passport.

Commonly, the Vanuatu passport application will take approximately 45 days to process. Upon approval, the applicants will be granted the Vanuatu passport. Interesting fact about that Vanuatu passport holder, are able to maintain their original nationality and hold Vanuatu Passport as their 2nd Passport.

Vanuatu Passport Ranking

$ 130,000

Vanuatu Passport currently ranked 39th in the world, the passport enables its holders to enjoy visa-free entry to 130 countries, including Hong Kong (stay for 90 days), Singapore (stay for 30 days), and the U.K. (stay for 6 months).

For those who plan to migrate, manage their assets overseas and global travelling, obtaining a Vanuatu passport as your second passport might be a good solution for you!

May I know about Vanuatu Passport Eligibility Requirements ? Among the requirements are, eligible candidates need to be 18 years or older, in good health condition, possess no criminal record and have legit investment sources to apply to the program.

The applicant may apply as a single applicant or they can include their direct family of up to 4 or more members into the application.

How much does Vanuatu Passport Cost ? It cost you USD 5000 for Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Due Diligence fee per person, USD 10000 processing fee and another USD 130000 payment to the government for single applicant to acquire a second passport.

For those applicants wish to apply together with their family, the Vanuatu Citizenship application will cost more depending on the number of additional dependents. For example, a married couple will need to pay the government fee of USD150,000 for the application. If you wish to know more in details, please do reach us via WhatsApp, WeChat, Line or email for a free consultation.

In this increasingly unpredictable world, acquiring a second citizenship or a second passport is a very sensible and futureproofing decision. Due to that, thousands of international business owners, high net worth individuals and families invest into an alternative, second citizenship every year. If you are interested to hold a 2nd Passport, please contact us for more details, our well trained team will provide you the most holistic solution for your enquiry.

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