Vanuatu Citizenship Application & Process

Vanuatu Citizenship/ Vanuatu Passport Application & Process

Can’t stand the complicated process and paperwork when applying for your second passport? Don’t have the time and experience on attending the Vanuatu Citizenship/ Vanuatu passport process?

Worry NO MORE! Vanuatu citizenship application is one of the simple and straight forward passport applications in the world. With the guidance of our well-trained staff, your application can be done in 45-60 days!
Vanuatu Citizenship applications starts with the client’s background check which will be conducted by FIU “Financial Intelligence Unit” of Vanuatu.

This is a Crucial step in the Vanuatu Citizenship Application in order to acquire a Vanuatu Citizenship and Vanuatu Passport.

How long for the processing time?

The documents required for FIU’s background check are Certified Passport Copy, Certified National ID Card Copy, Resume (CV), Police Clearance Letter. The FIU processing time will take approximately 1 – 3 working days.


Once applicant cleared by FIU, he/she is eligible in getting Vanuatu Citizenship/ Vanuatu Passport and can proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2 requires submission of the full set of documents such as medical certificate, bank reference, nomination form etc. (checklist will be provided) and arrange full payment for the Vanuatu Citizenship Application. The standard processing time to send funds to Vanuatu is about 1 week.

After the funds are fully transferred to the Government of Vanuatu (DSP Account), our team will aid in full document submission in order to proceed with screening process (committee siting), which held twice a month.

Vanuatu Island Citizenship certificate and passport(s) will be issued in about 15 working days, once the committee sitting is concluded at the final stage. Finally, our team will arrange the passport delivery based on the client’s availability.

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